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APM Users Group:

This Association is formed from entities/authorities that own, operate, and manage APM systems.

T&DI Website:

T&DI offers the transportation and development professional the ability to network with other professionals, and shape the future of transportation and development.

American Public Transportation Association

APTA is the leading force in advancing public transportation.
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
United States Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration.
Airfront.21 -  APM Information Clearinghouse
Airfront.21 is your Internet resource on APMs, so common at airports and airfronts - but relevant to all urban mobility. 
The Monorail Society
The Monorail Society is an all-volunteer organization to promote awareness of APM transportation.
ASCE Bookstore - Automated People Mover Standards publications 
ASCE publishes high quality, authoritative books that represent the best thinking in civil engineering research and practice.