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Automated People Mover Standards, Part 3, ANSI/ASCE/T&DI 21.3-08 (Published 2008)

Collectively this three-volume standard will assist the industry and public by expediting the approval and release process and facilitating the use of an APM system. Part 3 provides information on electrical equipment, stations, and guideways. Topics dedicated to electrical equipment include traction power substation equipment, wayside power-collection equipment, passenger station electrical equipment, and uninterruptible power supply. Topics relating to stations include disabled persons access requirements, platform edge protection, evacuation of misaligned trains, emergency lighting and ventilation, and fire protection. Guideways topics include blue light stations, intrusion protection and detection, emergency evacuation and access, fire protection, signage, emergency lighting and ventilation, emergency power supply, guideway alignment, and structural criteria.

Automated People Mover Standards, Part 4 , ANSI/ASCE/T&DI 21.4-08 (Published 2008)

This Standard covers the minimum set of requirements for maintaining automated people mover systems. Part 4 specifically provides information on Security, Emergency Preparedness, System Verification and Demonstration, Operations, Maintenance and Training, and Operational Monitoring. It also includes three informative annexes which offer to the user a series of options or instructions, but do not prescribe a specific course of action. These annexes are not a mandatory part of the Standard, and significant judgment is left to the user.