Copyright 2005 Automated People Mover Standards Committee


PART 3 – Electrical, Stations & Guidway – Status: Completed

  • Electrical: Joe Abbas and Alex Inserto – CoChairs

  • Stations: Jim Fletcher Chair

  • Guideway: Bob Griebenow, Chair (Bill Hathaway for NFPA issues)

PART 4 APM Operations and Testing – Status: Completed

  • System Verification and Demonstration: Chuck Elms, Chair

  • Operational Monitoring: Diane Morse, Chair

  • Operations, Maintenance and Training: Bill Showalter, Chair

  • Emergency Preparedness: Bill Leder, Chair Security: Bill Hathaway, Chair

International Standards Task Force – Status: Draft Standard in IEC Working Group Review

  • IEC WG45, AUGT Standard, US Representative, Sam Lott, Alternate, Jim Fletcher

  • IEC TC9 US Technical Advisor, Lou Sanders

  • Members: David Ferrence, Paul Didrikson, Bill Nash, Rick Carter, Darin Friedmann nominee, Sam Lott/Dave Dimmer nominee.