Copyright 2005 Automated People Mover Standards Committee


Elevator Code and APM Systems

The International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC), have developed a new Model Elevator Law (code) that includes Automated People Movers. Several states have inadvertently adopted this new code. Those states are now required to use Elevator Inspectors to perform safety inspections on APMs. Additionally, those states that have adopted this code also must now apply for an elevator permit to install and/or alter their APM system and employ elevator mechanics for some of the work.

The entire Model Elevator Law can be downloaded here. Click here for a list of states that have adopted the standard as of September 2005. When state adopts a standard, it may choose to adopt the standard in its entirety or it may adopt only specific parts of the standard and/or modify it to suit its needs. For example, Texas has adopted the standard but only applies to cable-drawn APM systems. Florida adopted the standard but has exempted airport APMs.