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EU Cableway Directive Now in Force

Everyone is talking about it, but who really knows what is in it? In the following article, Dr Josef Nejez takes a close look at the structure and contents of the EU Cableway Directive. The Cableway Directive of the European Union – or, to give it its full title, “Directive 2000/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 March 2000 relating to cableway installations designed to carry persons” – was published in the Official Journal of the European Communities on 3 May 2000 and accordingly took effect on that date. The EU Cableway Directive does not make light reading. It has the following structure: “The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, having regard to … (reference to the legal basis for the directive), whereas … (an eight-page list of 31 points explaining the background to the directive), have adopted this directive: … (seventeen pages comprising 23 articles with their individual provisions).” That is followed by nine annexes, which fill no fewer than 48 pages. This structure can therefore be broken down in terms of contents as follows:

Directive Ch. II: Safety Components Directive Ch. III: Subsystems Directive Ch. IV: Installations Directive Ch. V: Safeguards Directive Ch. VI: Notified Bodies
Directive Ch. VII: Committee Directive Ch. VIII: CE Conformity Marking Directive Ch. IX: Final Provisions Directive Annexes Reasons/Provisions for Directive