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EU Cableway Directive Now in Force

Chapter IX: Final Provisions

This chapter includes a timeline for the implementation of the directive in national law and transitional periods for installations already in the planning or construction phase and for market access for subsystems and safety components. The authors also formulate the obligation of the national authorities to communicate to the Commission the legal provisions adopted in their respective countries in response to the directive. In particular, member states must adopt and publish the relevant laws, regulations and administrative provisions within 24 months of the coming into force of the directive, i.e. by 3 May 2002 at the latest. For a period of four years from the date of publication of the directive, i.e. until 3 May 2004, member countries may permit the construction of ropeways and market access for subsystems and safety components on the basis of the regulations in force on their respective territories on that date. 


Annexes I Subsystems of an installation Annex II Essential requirements Annex III Safety analysis Annex IV Safety components: EC declaration of conformity Annex V Safety components: assessment of conformity Annex VI Subsystems: EC declaration of conformity Annex VII Subsystems: assessment of conformity Annex VIII Minimum criteria to be taken into account by member states for the notification of bodies Annex IX CE conformity marking.